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Paying with a debit or credit card will add an additional 3% to the quoted amount of the estimate

What are the different types of chainlink fence ?

Plain galvanized chainlink and vinyl coated chainlink (black, brown and green) are available in residential and commercial grades. Generally residential grade galvanized chainlink is 11 1/2 gauge wire thickness while commercial is 9 gauge thickness (The smaller the number, the thicker the wire). The posts and toprail in commercial are of a larger post diameter and thickness than residential and the post spacing are on 8' centers vs. 10' on residential installations. Vinyl coated chainlink is 9 gauge wire thickness but is no stronger than 11 1/2 galvanized wire. The standard heights available are 4', 5', 6', 7' and 8'.

Will all posts be set in concrete ?

Yes, unless you specifically request that we do not. This policy applies to all types of fence installations except steel T-'Post for farm fencing.

Why is a vinyl chainlink fence more expensive than the plain galvanized chainlink fence ?

Cost of materials. The chainlink is vinyl coated and the pipe, posts and fittings we put the fence together with are factory painted with a powder coated finish. This finish will last years vs. spray painting in the field. Be sure when you are getting quotes that you are getting all factory painted products.

Are gates only available in standard sizes ?

No, gates can be made to fit any size opening and can be made to follow sloped areas. We suggest that if you have a riding mower or use a lawn service that at least one gate be 5' wide. If you wish to drive thru a gate, it will need to be 10' or wider.

Can an existing gate or a new gate be motorized with a gate opener ?

Generally, yes. There are a lot of options and brands of gate operators that can fit almost every need. Things to consider- height, weight, size, single or double gate, swing or slide and frequency of use. Power must be available or solar capable in the gate area. Gate systems can be as simple as click to open and click to close with a remote or keypads, card readers, telephone entry and auto open & close.

Do you use nails or screws when you build wood fences ?

We only use deck grade screws on all types of wood fence we construct.

Why does the wood turn gray ?

All types of wood will eventually turn gray or "weather". Sunlight is the main cause of "weathering" and can be slowed down by treating your wood with a penetrating stain that contains UV blocker-"suntan lotion for wood". It is not necessary for the stain to have waterproofing capabilities unless you have a sprinkler system that keeps your fence wet. These stains can be found at any home center and are available in clear or colors. It is wise to stain a picket or two before you buy a lot of stain to make sure you are satisfied with the color.

Can I stain a wood fence myself ?

Yes, it is very simple. If you have a new fence you must wait at least 6-8 weeks before you start. This will allow the wood to dry and season, if your wood is not dry you will be unhappy with the results. Regardless of new or old fence it is advisable to pressure wash your fence to remove dirt, mildew and sawdust. If your fence is very dirty or has mildew you can purchase a deck/fence cleaner that can make the job a lot easier. Allow your fence to dry completely. One gallon of stain will generally cover 50' on one side or 25' if you are doing both sides. Be sure to read and follow the manufactures guidelines on their product. Purchase a cheap one gallon pump-up sprayer from the garden center and set the nozzle to give you a heavy splatter spray. Spray the fence generously (no more than 8' at a time) and then brush it in with 4-6 inch brush designed for stains. Check for heavy or light spots and your done. Doing this every few years (depending on the amount of direct sunlight your fence receives) will greatly improve its looks and will reduce shrinkage, warping, cracking and splitting.

Does your company or the manufacturer warranty wood from warping, cracking or splitting ?

No, the heat and humidity of the south is brutal on wood. You can slow it down.-see above.

What warranty is available on material and equipment?

 Best4Less Fencing does NOT warrant materials and equipment. The only warranty available on materials and equipment is from the manufacturer or retailer subject to their terms and conditions.

Why do most wood gates sag and twist ?

We always hang our wood gates on a galvanized steel frame and on either a 4x6 or 6x6 wood posts. This type installation will give you much less problems than hanging a gate on a 4x4 post and all wood frame gate construction.

I would like to have a wood horse fence or farm fence but I would like to keep my dogs in and others out. What can be done?

Woven field wire or welded wire can be installed behind the wood fence and is generally not very noticeable. Standard field wire is not suitable for toy or small breed dogs but works fine for all others. Woven horse wire can contain all breeds. Woven wire will follow slopes and dips in the terrain much better than welded wire because it is more flexible.

Why do I see some wood and vinyl privacy fence and metal panel fence look like stair steps going down hills or slopes ?

The wood fences were probably built with pre-built panels that must be stair stepped or "racked" down slopes while a hand built wood fence can flow with the slope. The white vinyl privacy fence has the same disadvantage on slopes. Some, but not all ornamental steel or aluminum fence panels can adjusted to follow up to a 30 degree slope.

Do you install the pre-built panel type fencing ?

Yes, but on the wood, vinyl and most of the steel or aluminum ornamental panels we will quote you a labor only quote. We can tell you how much materials you will need to purchase and can arrange to pick it up for you but any warranty on the materials will be with the retailer or the manufacturer, not our company.

I am thinking about getting a pool. Is a fence required ?

Yes. All areas require at this time that you have a fence that is at least 4' tall and all gates need to have self closing hinges and pool safety latches. This usually has to be done before the pool is filled with water.

Do you survey property lines ?

No, we are not licensed surveyors. If your property pins are not visible we will try to help locate them but we are not responsible for marking or re-pinning your corners. If you are purchasing a home it is advisable to insist that it be surveyed or the pins re-marked. If we place the fence at YOUR "best guess" and the fence ends up on your neighbors property or too far into yours we will not move or remove the fence free of charge and accept no liability or responsibility for YOUR "best guess". Although a survey is an additional expense it is usually cheaper than attorneys fees and fence removal/re-location.

Is there a fee for locating underground utilities on my property ?

Generally no. Georgia and Alabama do not charge for location of underground lines but they do not mark electrical, cable, sprinkler systems or water lines installed by the home owner i.e. outdoor sheds, pools or satellite dishes. You can get these located by private companies for a fee. We will do our best to not damage unmarked lines, but we will not be responsible for repair or replacement of a un-marked underground line.

How can I find out what type of fence can be installed in my neighborhood ?

You can check with the developer or your home owners association if applicable. Any restrictions should be listed on your deed or provided to you at closing. Remember, you are legally bound by these restrictions whether you were informed of them or not when you purchased the property.

Do you charge for estimates and can I get an estimate over the phone ?

We currently do not charge for estimates, but we do try to group them in the same general areas and times so we may not be able to get to you for a couple of days. We also must have a contact number that we can call 20-30 minutes before to make sure someone is there or if we need to cancel due to bad weather. If we call and we get a voice mail or answering machine we will not come due to the high cost of fuel. We can give you a rough estimate over the phone but we cannot give you a firm written estimate unless we look at it ourselves.

Paying with a debit or credit card will add an additional 3% to the quoted amount of the estimate

Will you guarantee that animals or people cannot climb over, cut, dig or get under my fence?

Absolutely not! 4 and 2 legged creatures are very ingenious and if they really want in or out they will find a way.

Do you require a deposit before work starts?

Generally no. We do require that once we get the posts for your job set that 50% of the quoted price be paid at that time before any further work will be done. On very large residential jobs ( over $3500.00 ), all ornamental steel panel fence and all commercial jobs we sometimes will require that a sufficient draw on the total job cost be given up front due to the extremely high cost of materials.

Do you offer financing?

No. Payment by cash, check, money order, or credit card is due upon completion after the above guidelines have been satisfied. Credit Card payments are processed through PayPal secure website. Commercial customers need to check with their accounts payable people on length of time that final payment will be sent before the job is started.

Do you offer discounts ?

Yes, we offer 5% off anything we quote for military and senior citizens.


Most gate operators have standard features that allow you to customize its operation to fit your needs.

Entry and exit can be done with remote controls, keypads, card readers and telephone controls.

Free exit loops or photo beams can be installed to allow vehicles to exit when they approach the gate. They can also serve as a safety feature by not allowing the gate to close on a vehicle when the beam is broken or the magnetic loop is activated.

Gates can be also set to automatically close after a specified period of time or to close only when commanded.

Access control systems allow you to have up to 10,000 unique codes that can allow or restrict access to certain times and days for users and can be remotely programmed from any location with a computer and a modem. These systems can control more than one gate and have the ability to print reports showing date/time of use by users.


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